Monday, January 3, 2011

Part 2 Potty Training - Outdoors

      Now it’s time to help your dog learn the proper place to do their business. It’s your job to take the time and effort to help your dog outside and reward it for a job well done. Most dog bathroom accidents that happen indoors are the fault of the owner. Now don’t get upset that I said that just give me a chance to explain how to train your dog to go outdoors. The success of your dog being potty trained is entirely in your hands.

     First step is to take the dog out often. Take the dog out right away in the morning when you let it out of its crate. Also take it out after right after every meal, any nap times, and anytime your dog plays for a while. These are all times that seem to be the most productive for the dog to go potty. Also take your dog out every time it goes to the door, this will start a pattern that when it goes to the door it means it has to go out. Also if it whines at night while in its crate take it out right away. This all will be work and it has to be done for success.

     Now when your dog does potty outdoors praise it and give it some love. Your dog loves nothing better than to make you happy. Doing this over time, will condition your dog this is the only approved place to go to the bathroom. Be patient as it will take time and repetition.

     Now if your dog does go potty indoors immediately take it out.  Do not talk to your dog during this time try your best to ignore it. Or if the dog is done going just quietly clean up the mess and ignore your dog. Ignoring your dog is a very powerful tool that can show them that you are not happy with what they are doing. And when you do clean up urine use a pet stain and odor remover (don’t use ammonia) as the dog will continue to go where there is the urine odor.

      While at home keep an eye on your dog.  Any activities you witness them doing before going to the bathroom (such as sniffing excessively, walking is circles) take it out quickly.

     This all comes down to you and you taking the time and energy taking the dog out at the proper times and also your attention. You will need to keep your eyes and ears on your dog and make sure that you do your part and it will make potty training easier on you and your dog.


  1. My 8 month old dog is potty trained for the most part, but drives me nuts!!! He has to mark his territory. Outside this would not be an issue but when he did it on my laundry basket that I had just taken out of the dryer I almost got rid of him out of frustration. He no longer poops in the house at all. Will this leg cocking stop after he is fixed?

  2. Jennifer yes fixing your pup will stop the marking instinct. The puppy is developing his testosterone hormones and that is why he is doing this behavior.