Thursday, January 6, 2011

Excissive Barking

      Do you want a quieter dog, one that does not bark and put his two cents in all the time? Well it’s not as hard as you thing to train your dog to be quieter. Like all dog training its repetition and letting your dog know what you want from it.

      There are a few things you can do to help your dog stop barking and one is to follow the outline I laid out in my last blog (Jumping Dogs Just Want Love.) It comes down to just ignoring the behavior you are looking to get and ignoring what you don’t want. This is a good place to start.

      While you are working on your dog and it is barking never yell back or use a sharp “no!” When a dog is barking and you try to overpower it by yelling it is just telling the dog it’s ok because you are doing it too. Because we all know what kind of a cascading affect a neighborhood dog that is barking has. Soon all the dogs in the neighborhood are having a good ol’ time making noise.

      If you are still having difficulty with your dog speaking its mind all the time it may be time for some new tricks. A good idea would be to teach your dog to speak; this will give your dog a reason to bark. This is accomplished by rewarding your dog when it barks after you say speaks (or you can use any word you choose.) After time your dog will learn that it will get a reward but only on cue. Another command you can teach is quiet. It’s just like training for speak but rewarding when your quiets down after barking. But remember when giving these commands say it calmly and with a normal tone of voice so you do not get into a shouting match with Fido.
      Tomorrow I was planning on getting to more of your questions. But I have decided to lay some ground work and discuss dog behavior. I feel that this will help once I cover some issues like aggression and others. This will help you discern what your dog is thinking and why he is doing what he is to other dogs or people.

      Thank you for all your questions and I promise I will get to them. I really enjoy reading your comments!

Thanks Again!


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